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Brussels 22 October 2004

Introduction see

Wiloo and partner Clean Ostend were present at the second conference organised by GRIP in the framework of the COST-A25
"European Small Arms and the Perputation of Violence"

Our congrats to GRIP , the organisers of the event, who celebrated their 25th birthday in service of peace.

Frans and Mr I. Berkol (GRIP)






Talking to Johan Peleman (1) (IPIS), the guy is a walking database... and surprising us with new data on Ostend Airport!


Remember: Wiloo and Clean Ostend were invited to join COST-Action A-25 by Transarms to take part in an initiative to gather data on arms shipping, and as an example of how local arms traffic spotting by civilians can help towards a saver world. Building a network of arms-spotters and partly feeding the professionals is our dream! Sad to see governments failing to do there job and tackle the illegal arms trade more fiercely!

What's result of the Brussels 2nd COST Action A-25 from the WILOO/CO interests:
- The coming database (brokers, traders, shippers, movements...) will be based on the IPIS server,
- The database will not be public (to avoid claims)
- The database will also be a tool for ngo's to avoid the mixing of humanitarian and arms-shipment!
- etc..
-Wiloo/CO is welcome to get (expensive)
transportcompany-assessments and financial data through GRIP.