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Letter to Thomsonfly


To: Thomsonfly Ltd Luton (1), UK, Wigmore House, Wigmore Place, Wigmore Lane, Luton Bedfordshire LU2 9TN

Telephone +44 2476 282828

Att : Flights Management and CEO Mr. Maurice Boyle

Dd: Tuesday April 18th 2006

Cc: Tui AG - TUI AG Group Airlines (Mrs. Ilona Schulz-Müller), Jetairfly (Günther Hofman), Flemish minister for the Environment, Members of the Flemish Parliament, Mayor of Ostend, Ostend Press,


Dear Sir,


On behalf of NPA WILOO (action group impact Ostend Airport on the environment) we strongly want to protest against the endless training flights of your B737 airplane G-THOF at Ostend airport on April 18th ‘06 from 12:30 till 19:00 hrs GMT. During that period nearly every 5 minutes, residents of the city of Ostend with thousands of them living only a few hundred yards from the end of runway 08, thousands of shoppers in the nearby shopping centres, hundreds of students trying to study, were overflown by your B737-3Q8 spreading noise and pollution…


Why is Thomsonfly not exercising in the UK? or, for example, at an ideal place for training flights, the French “Vatry Airport” ( were nobody is living in the neighbourhood? Why, of all places, does Thomsonfly choose Ostend-Bruges Airport?

With so much people living, working, (trying to) study under an approach path with a very low factual flight level, training flights drive some of them crazy.


In the past we have asked the Mayor of Ostend to support us against these types of exercises. He is in full support of our stance, and totally disagrees with the exercises above his city. Please take note that not only a small number, but most of the people of Ostend and their Mayor, disapprove! If necessary we’ll start a petition action against TUI flights to prove our case.


During the 6,5 hours of  LTO movements your plane must have spread some 2 tons of NOx, 315 tons of CO2, 250 kg’s of CO, 70 kg’s of hydrocarbon, 3 kg’s of “particulate matter” (PM) and 100 kg’s of SO2 in an already heavily polluted city area!


May we have an explanation why these exercises have to take place at Ostend-Bruges Airport for such a long period of time?


NPA WILOO will take all legal actions (press, political…) to fight this arrogant pestering and polluting of our residential areas.


Kind regards,



Jacques Denecker








TUI claims to care
for the environment

 a facade?

is it not rather: